Coffeeshop Utopia


Enjoy our cosy and relaxing lounge where you can smoke and chill with a group of friends and the other guests!


We have seating for twenty people, so grab a smoke or a drink and enjoy the chilled vibe Utopia is known for. 😎👍🏻


Enjoy your visit and make use of our free wifi service on your mobile device, laptop or tablet! 📱💻


Their are cold and hot drinks which you can order. Enjoy your stay with a delicious coffee, soda, tea or any other drink. ☕️





Coffeeshop Utopia is one of the best in Amsterdam!
We maintain a diverse selection of high quality weed and hashish with something for everyone no matter their smoking experience. Whether you are a veteran or a first timer we’ve got your back! 

Coffeeshop Utopia Amsterdam Weed
Hostel Coffeeshop Utopia Reception





Our friendly staff are very knowledgeable with many years experience in the coffeeshop industry and a genuine interest in cannabis, they are well equipped to advise any customer on their choices. We dare you to find something they can’t help you with! 😄


No Tobacco

Due to the Dutch Horeca Policy (& rules) tobacco is not allowed in café, bars, restaurants and coffeeshops. For more information please click on the link below.

Click here for more information about smoke-free environments.

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If you are considering a trip to beautiful Amsterdam and are looking for a combination of great weed with well located budget accommodation then Hostel Utopia is the place for you, hit the red button and we will see you soon! 😀